(AP1) Edamame          6

Steamed soybeans

(AP2) Spring Rolls          6

5 pcs, Mixed Veggies in a crispy wrapper

(AP3) Sushi Pizza         13

Crabmeat, spicy salmon & avocado.

(AP4) Mini Sushi Pizza         8

(AP5) Sushi Pizza Dough         6

(AP6) Sweet Chilly Chicken      13

Deep fried chicken with sweet chili sauce

(AP7) Kalbi      15

Korean grilled short ribs

(AP8) Jalapeno Bomb      12

Deep-fried jalapeno stuffed with spicy salmon & cheese

(AP9) Gyoza (Beef or Veggie)      7

6 deep fried dumplings

(AP10) Veggie Tempura (7pcs)      9

(AP11) Shrimp Tempura (6pcs)      11

(AP12) Mixed Tempura      13

Shrimp (4pcs) & vegetables (5pcs) tempura

(AP13) Salmon Tower          12

Crabmeat, avocado & diced salmon with Ponzu sauce

(AP14) Tuna Tower          14

(AP15) Salmon Tataki          14

Seared salmon with Ponzu sauce

(AP16) Tuna Tataki          16

Seared tuna with Ponzu sauce

(AP17) Salmon Sashimi Tempura (3 pcs)         9

(AP18) Salmon & Avo Donburi      14

Fresh raw salmon & avocado with homemade sweet & sour sauce